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golden_voice's Journal

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Does the voice of your favorite character make you go weak in the knees? Is so, than this is the community for you. Here, you can claim the vocal cords of your most beloved bishonen or bishoujo. From that point on, they will talk, sing, and whisper those sweet nothings to you alone.

Of course, there are a some of RULES first...

The Basics:
1.) Make sure that your character hasn't already been claimed. Please check both the claims list, and any claims made in the community since the last day of updates. I'll try to update regularly, so checking through the journal shouldn't be too big of an issue ^_^

2.) Make sure to state the name of your character, and tell me what game or series they are from.
Example: Vash the Stampede from the anime, "Trigun".

3.) If your character HAS been claimed, absolutely no flaming the person who has your character of choice. Fights and name-calling will result in being booted from the community, and having your own claim revoked.

4.) Make sure to post your claim requests in the journal, not in the comments. It's far too difficult to hunt down claims otherwise.

5.) This community is restricted to the following claiming types: Anime characters, j-rockers, musicians, movie characters, and game characters. This is because, for this community, your character must HAVE a voice. So, characters who are only in manga or books, and therefore, never speak, can't be claimed. Sowwy ^_^;;;
**Actors, athletes, and LJ users are off limits too, for now, but may become available when the community has become more stable.**

6.) If your character is from an anime or game, and you know they have the same seiyuu (voice actor) as a character who has already been claimed, that is a-okay! Each character has their own unique personality, which is obvious in their vocal inflections...so, each voice is truly different.
Example: If Heero Yuy, who's voice actor is Midorikawa Hikaru has been claimed, you can still claim Tamahome, whose voice is also done by Midorikawa-san.

7.) If a character has been claimed, you may not try to claim another version of that character. Makoto Kino is herself, whether she is in chibi form or not. There is only one version of each character allowed here.

8.) Have fun! Feel free to gush over your claims, make banners, invite other users...show off how lucky you are to have claimed such an excellent character.

Other Notes:
1.) You may trade your characters once, but only once. Otherwise, keeping track of who has what becomes too difficult. So, make sure you are pretty sure on who you want before you claim them.

2.) If you are a member of the community, and have made a claim, you may plug your own personal community here. However, if you just happen to show up and clog this community with lots of random posts, I will delete them all and block you...and that defeats the whole purpose of advertising, doesn't it?

3.) Moderators get 3 claims. All members are entitled to one claim. There will be oppurtunities in the future to earn more claims, through contests and such, and sora might just randomly give out claims one day ^_~

Mod Goddesses

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